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we're epower at home

nice to meet you

A little about us...

epower at home™ is a team of experienced online marketing professionals dedicated to guiding housewares brands through the disruptive retail environment so they stand out, connect with consumers, and sell more products. We saw the need for an online marketing agency dedicated to home and housewares brands and answered the call. 

Our Vision

To be the forward-thinking, fast-moving, and innovative online marketing agency the home and housewares industry recognizes and respects.

Our Mission

To craft consumer-focused online marketing strategies that capture market demand, then drive consumers to where our clients sell, both online and in stores.

Our Culture

We dream big, work hard, have fun, stay focused, and surround ourselves with good people. We know we’ll be successful, because we don’t stop until we’re proud of our work and ourselves. We drink good coffee, obsess over great products, treat people with kindness, show gratitude, invest in ourselves, and continue to raise the bar a little higher every single day.


Our Values

We're not happy unless we're...

Delivering great work. That means work that attracts attention and generates results that exceed expectations.

Totally transparent. The highs, the lows, the wins, the setbacks, the comebacks, we lay it all on the table.

Accessible & responsive. We’re not a service provider, we’re an extension of your team. When you need us, you’ll hear from us.

Having fun. We chose to focus on the housewares industry because we’re passionate about it. Generating sales is great, but generating results for brands we’re passionate about? That’s fun.

Constantly challenging ourselves. If we’re not trying to do better/learn more/work harder/dream bigger, we’re not happy.

Being clever. We’re creative and innovative, but logical and analytical, too. We craft the fun, engaging campaigns that resonate  while keeping our focus on your goals and objectives.

Doing the right thing. Whether it’s when we’re making budget recommendations, campaign strategy decisions, or deciding  to return a wallet we find on the street, we’ll always choose integrity.

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