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7 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a New Product


7 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a New Product

In today’s crowded online space, getting people to notice your new product can seem nearly impossible. How do you stand out amongst the thousands of other new products that are launched every single day? It’s not easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. With the right marketing strategies, you can get your new product in front of the right customers, turning your launch into a massive success.

The key to a successful launch is getting your brand and your new product in front of people. If nobody knows about your product, nobody will buy it. If nobody buys your product...well, I think you get the idea?

So what’s one of the best ways to get exposure for your new product? Social media. Here are 7 actionable ways to use social media to introduce a new product to the world and ensure a successful launch!

Launch a teaser or countdown campaign

A good teaser campaign is designed to offer glimpses of your new product that serve as clues, helping to spark curiosity, generate buzz, and get people excited.Jumpstart - Teaser Campaign

Disclose just enough information to grab people’s attention, but not so much information that the final product could easily be revealed.

About a week or two before your product launch, get the buzz going on social media by creating a countdown. Countdown posts can be incorporated as part of you teaser campaign, as seen in the examples throughout this post or instead slowly unveil a new glimpse of your product in the days leading up to you launch. Do this by blurring an image and reduce the blur each day, or starting with a covered image that you uncover a little more every day. Whatever you do, make sure to keep it visual and engaging.

There is no perfect timeline for a teaser or countdown campaign, but a teaser that is pushed too far out from the actual product launch may be less impactful. A good starting point for your first campaign is typically 7-14 days out from your launch. Test the response and adjust based on results for your next campaign.

Jumpstart - Countdown Campaign (1)-795043-edited Jumpstart - Countdown Campaign (3)-836029-edited







Build a founder’s email list

Create a unique email list for people who want to be the first to know about your new products. You’ll want to create a landing page that encourages people to sign-up for this exclusive list. On this page, let people know why they should be a part of the list. Will you give them special discounts? Will they get pre-ordering privileges?

In the weeks leading up to your product launch, you’ll share exclusive updates and insider content with these users. The idea here is that you’re building a loyal following of consumers who will help get the word out about your new product when it launches.

Use a designated hashtag 

Jumpstart - Hashtag-896615-editedHashtags are a great way to establish consistency across your social media channels. They also provide a simple way to ensure that all brand and user-generated content is easily accessible and collected in one place.

A consistent hashtag will allow you to quickly monitor what users are saying about your product, and allow consumers to do the same.

When deciding on a hashtag, make sure you settle on something that is unique, easy to remember, and somehow tied to your product.

Participate in conversations

As anticipation begins to build around your product launch, you should start to see comments and questions come through across your social media posts. Join in on these conversations to keep the discussions going. This is the best way to build your community and develop a loyal following. Address concerns, share additional information, and thank users for being a part of the product launch.

Don’t just jump in on conversations that are happening on your brand’s pages. Where else can you add value? Wherever your consumers are talking about your products, brand, or industry, join in and add to the conversations where appropriate.

Give a behind the scenes sneak peek

Keep your fans engaged before a product launch by giving them a closer look at of the new and exciting things your brand is working on. Photos and video of product development, packaging, and market research will get consumers excited to see the final outcome.

Jumpstart Behind the Scenes - FB

Incorporate live video

Host a live video session before a product launch to get fans excited and allow them to ask questions. After a product launch, host another session to answer specific product questions, demonstrate how the product works, giveaway product, or provide exclusive discounts.

Develop supporting content

Copy of Jumpstart - Blog Post 2-714081-editedWhen you’re finally ready to announce your product to the world, make sure you have supporting content available on your website. Blog posts, product spec sheets, how-to guides, resources, images, and infographics are all great assets to have available to your audience once your product launches. Anticipate all of the questions and concerns that consumers might have about your product, and have resources available to address them. Use these resources to guide consumers through the purchase funnel, and ultimately lead them to purchase your product.

Ready to launch your product?

These tactics are designed to generate buzz and anticipation around your product. Buzz creates curiosity, curiosity creates conversation, conversation creates interest, and interest creates sales.

You must consistently engage with your audience and keep their interest peaked in the weeks leading up to and immediately following a new product launch. Creating that excitement will drive customers to purchase your product as soon as it’s available.

Questions about using social media to launch your next product? Let me know in the comments below!

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