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Adapting to Change


How we're helping housewares brands adapt with digital marketing...

We're all-in on housewares marketing, which means the challenges home and housewares brands are facing are always top of mind for our team.  But with IHA's CHESS 2018 just around the corner, the conference's theme: Adapting In the Face of Change has been on our minds even more than usual around here. 

Whether your brand sells direct to consumer, or you rely on retailers for sales, there are so many opportunities through digital marketing. There are also so many challenges and risks. How do you structure an online marketing strategy that allows you to adapt to the changing retail landscape, maintain brand control, and grow your business? Those are the questions we've been focused on from the start of epower at home. Here are six ways we're using digital marketing to help housewares brands adapt:

 Keeping target audiences as our main focus. This allows us to scale everything else around them. Marketing agencies get so caught up in the latest channels or technologies, they lose sight of what really matters to their clients, people buying products. Everything we do for a client revolves around their target audiences + their business goals. It gives our campaigns purpose + keeps our work goal-oriented.

 Making recommendations based on data. From old-school key phrase research to predictive analytics and data, we're exploring all options when it comes to researching audiences + marketing tactics to make the most informed recommendations for our clients. We've been around long enough that we pay attention to our gut-feelings, but we're also wise enough to back our intuition up with cold, hard facts.

✓ Living in a mobile-first world. Every campaign we produce is done with mobile in mind. Our approach to story-telling aims to engage viewers across channels + devices.  It's an exciting time to be a storyteller + we're proud of the way we marry creativity + technology to get our clients in front of their audiences, whenever + wherever they're online.

✓ Understanding content shock. So much content is being distributed online every day, it's become overwhelming. Marketers have to be more purposeful + efficient than ever before to get their brand + story noticed. Have you seen our webinar with IHA on crafting consumer-focused content marketing plans? Set aside 37 minutes to listen in for a better understanding of how we're overcoming content shock for our clients.

Crafting omni-channel, full-funnel strategies. In keeping our focus on our clients' target audiences, we understand the buyer's journey from awareness through retention + which channels those consumers rely on to research + buy. We focus on campaigns that integrate consistent messaging + branding across multiple channels + touchpoints to drive brand awareness + sales.

  Knowing the difference between user-intent + user-interest. We focus so much on developing the personas that matter to our clients, we understand how to keep brand voice + tone consistent, while tailoring different message points to specific prospects throughout the buyer's journey. Understanding the motivators of different segments of a target audience lets us tailor our content + ads to convince them to buy. All of your personas may share an intent to purchase, but by focusing on their interests, we're able to market more efficiently + effectively no matter where we're looking to push the sale. 

We're thrilled to be sponsoring CHESS 2018 + we're already looking forward to our trip to Rosemont in just a few short weeks. Stop by our table at the conference + say hi, or set up a time to talk with our team before or after the event! With a passion for digital marketing + a focus on the housewares industry, we're ready to walk you though whatever comes next!

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