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CHESS 2018 Recap


CHESS 2018 from the International Housewares Association is in the books + what an incredible event it was! The epower at home team was  happy to be back, as a sponsor again this year. Justin + Ellie made the trip to Rosemont, bringing back a lot of great insight, notes + info from the conference. Here's a recap of the highlights!

Your Audience Is More Important than Your Channels

Your goals should be to create easier, better, faster experiences for your customers, on any and all distribution channels. Earlier this year, Adrian wrote a blog on creating a more cohesive brand and wrote:

"Whether your marketing goals for 2018 are centered on brand awareness, product launches, customer retention, or all three, when you look back at your year, sales will most likely be a key indicator of your success. Will you care more about where those sales happened, or that they happened? "

The concept of caring more about your customers as being more important than your efforts on any single channel was echoed at CHESS. Justin actually sent us all the Jeff Bezo's quote "Start with the customer and work backwards" while he was at CHESS because it sounded so familiar + so rooted in all the work we've done this year to help housewares brands better understand their customers. Since going all-in on housewares brands, we've been really focused on helping the industry better understand + relate to their audiences. From persona development to brand consistency plans, we're helping brands pay better attention to their audiences, for more effective marketing + better sales.

Now's a great time to map out your customer's journey. If you've already done so, take another look. Consumer behavior is always evolving, as you know. Most shopping journeys begin online, but the pathways people take from research to purchase + their attitudes along the way have shifted. A shopping journey isn't dictated by location or even store anymore, so what does your target audience's buying journey really look like?

easy ways to up yourstory telling game

Put the Work In for Your Brand

You know how competitive the housewares industry is + how hard it can be to make your product stand out on the shelf. Putting in more time + effort on your brand's story may keep falling lower + lower on your priority list, but it shouldn't. Check out our infographic with six ways you can craft a more compelling + effective story for your brand. 

Beyond the storytelling, how are you positioning yourself, your brand + your content in the industry? Have you truly found your sweet spotTake the time to define exactly what it is that you excel at and are known for. This can drive a lot of really exciting changes for a brand, but is overlooked time + time again.

What are you doing to integrate your marketing efforts across all channels, online and off? Many speakers at CHESS 2018 talked about engaging with customers, wherever they are. Too many marketers have tunnel vision when it comes to what that really means. Digital agencies are only concerned with online results + channels. Traditional agencies are all about those print, TV + radio results. Your brand cares about it all, right? So how are you making sure all of your marketing + sales materials are integrated, reflective, cohesive campaigns?

Invest Digitally

There was so much chatter at CHESS about the need for digital support. As a digital housewares marketing agency, it was music to our ears! A lot of CHESS attendees reported they were doing digital in-house, which is so important. Teaming up with the right digital agency can be a game-changer for housewares brands. Your team knows your story, your products + your customers. Digital marketers know the channels, tactics + strategies that work. Together? Best case scenario, you'll be working together seamlessly to make a more meaningful + productive impact. Not sure how to find the right digital marketing agency for your housewares brand? We've got a free guide to help you ask the right questions + find the best digital partner! Don't worry, it's as unbiased as can be!

There you have it, our top take-aways from CHESS 2018! As always, it was a worthwhile + educational event that we're proud to support! Recaps from individual sessions are available on the IHA blog + we're here to talk through it all! 

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