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When should your digital marketing team start work on a new site?


When is the right time to get your digital marketing team involved with a website redesign or build?

When looking at building or redesigning a website, laying out a clear marketing plan before execution of that website is extremely important. While all is not lost if you didn’t consider a marketing plan prior to launch, you'll most likely find yourself having to redo, expand, or adjust a website that was just built, wasting time, resources and worse yet, your marketing budget.

Housewares brands that we work with, who have found the digital marketing success they were looking for, were able to answer these two foundational questions when considering a website redesign or build:

  • Who was your website built for?
  • What do you want them to do when they arrive?

When a brand can articulate who their target audiences are and what they want those audiences to do once they arrive on the website, our team is ecstatic as it means we can move forward with plans for digital marketing growth. However, all too often the team at epower at home™ gets approached by housewares brands who can’t answer either of those questions. And when those two foundational questions are not answered, we encourage housewares brands to take a step back before moving forward with a digital marketing program. While this does mean putting plans of becoming more aggressive on hold, the long-term benefits and goal payoffs will be worth it.

Why Bring a Marketing Team in Early On?

Before moving forward with an investment in ongoing digital marketing, a plan needs to be developed for your website. Having an integrated digital marketing plan in place will pave the way for you to achieve your goals and objectives and reach your target audiences more effectively. A marketing team can really help answer both questions I posed earlier:

Q: Who is your target audience?

There is a lot of noise online, especially in the housewares industry. To cut through it your brand needs to be consistent. What set’s you apart and separates you from the noise? Find your sweet spot! Ask yourself who is your target market. I don’t mean give me a location, gender and age. Really put a name and face to your audience. Go all out and develop as many marketing personas as you need, it’s the cornerstone of your successful marketing plan. You’re not done! Now that you know your audience, how do you plan to reach them? Map out a buyer’s journey and tie that journey to your website. And finally, you need to define how you want your brand to be represented both online and offline by establishing a tone + voice that is instantly recognizable and used everywhere.

Q: What do you want your audience to do when they get there?

A lot of housewares brands main objective is to get customers. Whether you want those customers to buy direct or through your distribution channels, you need a plan to make that happen. Now that you know your audience, have a clear voice, and know what sets your brand apart, you can focus on developing a content marketing plan to reach prospective customers throughout their journey to purchasing your products. If you don’t know what that content or journey looks like, how could your website effectively support it? If your brand’s preferred customer journey does not involve an onsite ecommerce purchase, then make sure your website is focused more on attracting and engaging customers and making it easy for them to find your products elsewhere. Let your retailers do the heavy lifting when it comes to converting your audience. If direct sales are a focus, how will your website shepherd a potential customer through the path to purchase?

Continue to engage your marketing team during and after

From there, working with a digital marketing team during the development of the site will help ensure that the final product is both user and search engine friendly. Items such as layout, tracking, redirects, site speed, and more, all need to be addressed during this stage but are often times overlooked during website builds or redesigns.

Getting a digital marketing team involved throughout the early stages of your redesign will allow you to hit the ground running full speed with your digital marketing efforts after the new site has launched. If marketing is thought of in hindsight, not only will your website suffer, your goal of becoming more aggressive in digital marketing will be pushed out further.

Whether you are looking to hire a digital marketing agency like epower at home, plan to do it internally, or even have another prospective agency you are considering, I implore you to bring them in as early as you can during the new website build or redesign process.

Still not sure how to get marketing involved in a website redesign or build? Leave me a comment below, email me at justin@epowerathome.com or schedule a free strategy session and we can talk more!

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