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Let's Focus On Easy this Holiday Season


7 Ways You Can Make It Easier for People To Buy Your Products

If I asked you to make a list of adjectives to describe your holiday season, where on the list would the word "easy" fall?

Probably not at the top of your list, right?

Festive, yes.
Enjoyable, hopefully.
Stressful, probably.

Words like simple, easy, and effortless are most likely not in your vocabulary right now.
But they should be.
Especially if you're in marketing.

I'm not here to share my favorite, easy as heck, Christmas pasta recipe with you (though if you want to talk pasta, I'm your girl). I'm here to talk about making your brand easier, faster and better for your customers this holiday season. Ready? Let's go...

Why Easy Is Important - Especially During the Holidays

Think about how jam packed your schedule is around the holidays. You've got parties to go to, presents to wrap, and spaces to transform into a winter wonderland. Shopping for the perfect presents for everyone on your list is a must-do, but not typically the most enjoyable holiday prep step, right? 

Put your marketing hat back on, what are you doing to change that? How is your brand making it as easy as possible for people to buy from you? It doesn't matter if you're selling on Amazon, Wayfair, direct on your website or to retailers, you have the opportunity to make things easier, faster, better, for your customers. 

First Things First - Meet your Customers Where They Are

You may have the best holiday bundles or fastest shipping time, but how do you relay that information to your customers? You have to know how and where they are researching and shopping, and have an engaging presence that they'll connect with available on those channels. 

You know your customers, because you've done your persona development homework, right? You know who your target audiences are, where they spend their time, what they consider a reliable resource, and what will trigger their purchase. So focusing your efforts on the right channels, with the right message points shouldn't be too difficult. Getting found shouldn't be your biggest hurdle this holiday season.persona development guide

1. Be accessible. Make your brand easy to connect with. Whether they have a product specific question on your website or are looking for a local retailer on Facebook, it should be easy and obvious for them to get in touch. 

2. Be responsive.  Once someone does reach out, your customer service team should be moderating all channels. From automated order receipts to social media engagement, responses should be fast, personalized and valuable.

3. Help them make decisions. Do you have an ecommerce site? Provide helpful site search functionality, product filters, and other tools to help narrow down options so shoppers find the right products. Selling through retailers? Provide them with really detailed product copy that explains what the product was made for and why someone will love it. Give shoppers the information they need to make the correct buying decision as quickly as possible.

4. Help them buy more. From email marketing to retargeting ads, a one-time buyer can and should be a repeat buyer, especially over the holidays. Send out gift guides and product recommendations based on their first purchase. Did someone abandon their cart? Remind them what they left behind and show them what more they're missing out on!  

5. Simplify your cart. We're not web developers and we're not experts in ecomerrce software (though we have a GREAT partner if you need one!). Neither are most of your customers, probably. But they still know when a shopping cart is more trouble than it's worth. Talk to your web developer (or ours, hi John!), to troubleshoot and simplify your shopping cart.

6. Work with your retailers. Selling offsite? That's great! Work with your retailers to ensure they know everything there is to know about your product and are prepared with all the resources they need to sell more of your housewares goods. Streamline your distribution process. Reward your top sellers with great deals. Do everything you can to make it easier for them to sell your products.

7. Think omni-channel. Shoppers are checking prices, comparing products and checking reviews anywhere and everywhere. They could be standing in front of your products in-store on Black Friday checking your Facebook page for reviews. They may have your products in their cart across multiple retail channels making sure they find the best price. If you're not in control of your brand's presence anywhere and everywhere they're looking for you, they'll find a brand who is. 

It may not be easy to make buying easier for your customers, but it will be worth it. Think of it as spreading a little holiday cheer and simplifying your customers' lives as you increase your sales this year. Now that's a win-win!

What do you have in store for your brand this holiday season? I'd love to hear about it!  Leave me a note in the comments below!

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