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Why We Went All-In on Housewares Marketing

+ our lessons learned so far...


We took a leap of faith, going all-in on housewares marketing...

Last year, in a team meeting, as we were prepping for the International Home + Housewares Show, we started talking about how it’s our favorite time of year. We’d been doing (great) online marketing work for brands across industries since 1998, but loved the focus and excitement that came with concentrating on housewares brands. We started talking through logistics, researching like crazy, planning, and dreaming.

We saw the need housewares brands had for a digital marketing agency that truly understood the challenges and demands they were up against. We saw a lot of missed opportunities and room for growth for them, and knew we had the passion and skills to help. Selfishly, the creation of a housewares-focused agency gave us a lot of opportunities, too. The chance to focus on an industry we love, to help market and sell the products that make people’s lives easier, more comfortable, and more fun. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Our goal is simple. To be the forward-thinking, fast-moving, and innovative online marketing agency the home and housewares industry recognizes and respects. We’re doing that by crafting consumer-focused online marketing strategies that capture market demand, then drive consumers to where our clients sell, both online and in stores. It’s not easy, but we never expected it would be. Since the launch of epower at home earlier this year, we’ve learned so much. Here's how the team summed up the whirlwind:

    • I have been passionate about digital marketing for 15 years and it is great to see that same passion from housewares manufacturers whether they are new to the game or have been manufacturing for 100 years! Diving head first into their unique goals and challenges while digging deep into my digital marketing experience has been refreshing. Whatever Adrian says about too much coffee is just not true. Besides, have you seen the size of her coffee mug?

- Justin Tadych

    • Focusing on the housewares market has invigorated our agency by sharpening how we implement online marketing to the specific needs of housewares brands. The target audiences and their challenges are unique. These characteristics motivate more effective deployment of our skills, along with the satisfaction of a superior work product. The fulfillment that comes from happy clients makes every day go better.

- Larry Stopa

    • This has been such an adventure. I've learned so much about my skills, these people, and the creative process. We've refined our techniques, upped our game, and grown as a team in countless ways. I've learned: to love our project management system, that there really is such a thing as too much coffee, and more about housewares buying decisions than I ever thought possible!

- Adrian Bredeson

    • The digital marketing world changes at lightning speed, and we’re good at keeping up with those changes across industries (I’m looking at you, E-Power Marketing!) But with the chance to focus on the housewares market, I've been able to really dive deep into the products, brands, and consumers that make up the industry. I've spent my days (and nights!) crafting strategies designed to get those products and brands in front of those customers at the right moments. And together with my team, what we've come up with is kind of (REALLY!) extraordinary! Since launching this agency, I've learned: not all water bottles are created equal, brand loyalty does still exist, good data is invaluable, and coffee after 8PM is a bad choice.

- Ellie Gunville

    • This has been such an amazing opportunity. It's not often you get to be the part of something new and special from the ground up. There's a fresh spark of energy and excitement in our office! From researching the industry to refining our strategies, it's been fun digging into the housewares market and what makes those consumers tick. I can't say enough about how amazing my coworkers are, how much I've learned from them, and how excited I am to see where we go from here!

- Emily Miels

    • Launching this brand has really shown the passion this team has not only for what we do as an agency but for the housewares industry, too. The creativity, hard work, and dedication I've seen from the team has completely blown me away and I can only imagine that fire will continue to grow in our team moving forward. It's so cool that we've found a way to combine so many of the things we love into one. It's like almond milk and coffee. Peanut butter and chocolate. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Rosé and...well anything…

- Hannah Jean

    • Our journey into a niche online marketing agency has been exciting to say the least! As marketers, the buyer’s mindset is always front and center for us, and helping housewares brands understand that mindset, and how their brand answers the call has been an exciting new focus for us! What problems are solved by our clients’ products? How does it make lives easier, or homes better? We’ve been asking these kinds of questions for years as E-Power Marketing, but housewares is so diverse, it’s like a fresh puzzle every day. And we love puzzles!

- Andrea Schultz

There you have it! Three months in, we're just as passionate, driven,and ready to work as we were back when epower at home was  nothing more than a  bunch of ideas on our white board! Housewares marketing has become our identity, and we are so excited about all the opportunities before us! 

If you'd like to learn more about our leap of faith, our approach to digital marketing for housewares brands, or to weigh in on the "how much coffee is too much coffee" debate, we'd love to hear from you!  Leave us a comment below or email us at hello@epowerathome.com! 

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