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8 traits of the best digital marketing hires

+ interview questions for you to ask your candidates!


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As a digital marketing agency with 20+ years in the business, we've worked with our fair share of in-house marketing teams! We've put together all the best qualities of our favorite in-house partners to help you find the right fit for your online marketing needs!

Whether you work with an agency or manage everything in house, these are the traits we think will be most valuable to your brand in the long-run!


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We've worked with some really great partners over the years (+ some not so great ones, too, if we're being honest). Thanks to our 20+ years of experience as a digital marketing agency, we're here to help you make the right next hire for your brand. 

You've posted your want ads, reviewed more resumes  + have set up interviews with candidates for your digital marketing position. You've probably never seen so many uses of "attribution modeling", "content marketing", "retargeting", or "marketing automation" in your life, right? From CMS experience to CRM skills, mobile marketing to email lead nurturing, there are so many facets to digital marketing, the jargon can get overwhelming, fast.

So what should you be looking for from a candidate + how can you use your time together efficiently to really find the best candidate?

So happy you asked...

What are the essential traits for a digital marketer?

  • Versatile: there is no such thing as a slow day for digital marketers! As new channels and tools are unveiled, updates are made to existing algorithms, and consumer behavior evolves, your digital marketing strategy has to be nimble. As you're looking for a new hire to join your team, make sure you find someone who is agile in the way they think + tackle problems.
  • Diagnostic: Do they have what it takes to identify a problem + find the source of the issue? Testing + ongoing optimization are two of the building blocks of a successful digital marketing strategy. Make sure your next hire is going to dig in + really analyze opportunities for growth.
  • Interpretative: Unless you really + truly only need someone to pull numbers + compile reports, you should be on the lookout for someone who can turn those numbers into insights + those insights into action! Make sure they are going to be able to understand your data, then turn that data into growth. Bonus points if they can communicate their findings + recommendations easily and effectively!
  • Innovative: It can be hard to bring in someone new who is full of fresh ideas + perspectives. But remember, a new take on your brand, target audience + marketing strategies can really propel a  business forward! Look for someone who has a pioneering spirit, who isn't afraid to dig in + speak up. 
  • Methodical: From campaign planning to marketing automation to  reporting, look for a hire that can systematically organize, implement, monitor + optimize campaigns in both the short + long term. A methodical hire should also adapt to your team's schedule, structure + expectations.
  • Investigative: How great would it be to hire someone that cared so much about understanding your brand + your customers that they went out of their way to learn all that they could? I'm talking deep-dive key phrase research, mapping out a customer journey that predicts your persona's state of mind, or the need to design a perfect customer engagement strategy...
  • Captivating: Look for a storyteller. The kind that can take a mundane interview question and weave it into a narrative you get lost in. That kind of conversationalist will likely do big things for your brand online, where, let's be honest, it takes a lot to break through the noise to generate any real traction.
  • On-trend: I'm not talking about someone who drops all strategy + planning for the latest digital fad. Your team deserves a digital marketer who is on-brand, who understands your mission, products + consumers in a way that will make for an effortless blending of their personal style + preferences with your brand. Their aesthetic, tone + approach should complement your brand. 

Our favorite interview questions for digital marketing hires...

Tell me about your career up to this point.

  • What you're looking for: Someone who has a background in the tasks your position requires, who can demonstrate their versatility + who engages you in their history in a captivating way.

How do you measure the quality of your work? The success of a campaign?

  • What you're looking for: A candidate who's familiar with your preferred tools + programs is great, but someone with experience in new technology could be an innovative, investigative hire.  Dig deeper into how those analytics tools came to be, were they trained to use them, or did they find them on their own to ensure quality and success?

Tell me about a marketing project or campaign you've managed from beginning to end.

  • What you're looking for: Listen for their methodology + ability to interpret their work (+results) to you as an outsider. To dig deeper, ask if they'd be able to replicate a similar campaign again, or what they would change to improve results. Not being able to diagnose any flaws or opportunities for improvement could be a red flag.

Which channels have been most effective for you in your last role + why?

  • What you're looking for: This question can help you understand their agility + innovation, did they dig deep to really investigate the right channels for their current brand + target audiences? Repeatability, logic + methodology could all come to light as they talk. 

Have you ever made a recommendation or strategic move that turned out to be wrong?

  • What you're looking for: Testing, refining + responding to change is a huge part of digital marketing, hence the need for versatility. A candidate that tells you they've never made a mistake is lying. Listen for someone who can diagnose where they went wrong, interpret their results + bounce back with an innovative path forward.

How lucky are you + why?

  • What you're looking for: Not your typical interview question, probably... But this should give you a good glimpse into the values + style of the candidate. Does the answer seem on-trend with your corporate culture + mission statement? Does the response become less polished (+ less captivating) when the interviewee is thrown off a bit?

How do you feel about working with outside agencies + have you ever worked with epower at homeTM?

  • What you're looking for: A team player who speaks highly of our team + recommends our work for your brand. KIDDING (kind of)! If you work with a lot of outside partners or your new hire will be communicating with outside vendors, this could  be a valuable question, but really we just wanted to be sure you're still reading... 

That's it! You're ready to make the right hire!

It's probably not as simple as that, but hopefully you're in a better position to hire the right candidate for your marketing team!  The digital marketing industry still feels a bit like the wild, wild west at times, even after our 20 years in the field! We understand how hard it can be to find the right skill set in someone who also has the right personality traits + passion for your brand. If you're struggling to fill a position, or just keep getting buried in work as you're on your hiring mission, we'd love to talk about how we can help!  From project work to retainers, we do it all + would love to learn more about how your to-do list keeps growing to see how our team of digital marketing specialists might be able to step in to give you some breathing room!