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our story

we're here to help housewares brands shine

We're living our story

For over 20 years, E-Power Marketing™ has provided online marketing services to clients across industries and has generated incredible successes. That should be enough, right? Not for us. We're here for the fireworks, not the sparklers.

Through our work as the International Housewares Association's online marketing partner, we saw the chance to become the first boutique online marketing agency dedicated to helping home and housewares brands, and we took it.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, or the chance to grow, epower at home™ started as a tiny spark, something we were drawn to and worked hard to nurture, protect, and grow. You only need a spark to start a whole blaze, and we're here to help housewares brands shine more brightly than ever before.

We've been called picky...

We’re not the right agency for every brand, and that’s ok. Who we work with matters to us, and we’re selective when it comes to the accounts and projects we take on. If you're as choosy as we are about who you work with, cheers to you.

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